In The Den with Mama Dragons

Building Communities of Support

January 23, 2023 Episode 4
In The Den with Mama Dragons
Building Communities of Support
Show Notes

EPISODE 4: Bryce Cook–Building Communities of Support

In this episode of In the Den, Jen talks with Bryce Cook about the need that we all have for community. Helping your LGBTQ child find or create community can be key to their emotional and social happiness. Bryce describes seeing a need for a space of community for his sons, and how he went about creating that space for his sons and for others who need it. Jen and Bryce discuss the importance of creating community, and the benefits that come when community is found.

Special Guest: Bryce Cook

Bryce Cook is a founding member of ALL (Arizona LDS LGBT) Friends & Family and a co-director of the annual “ALL Are Alike Unto God” Conference held every April in Mesa, Arizona. He is married to Sara Spencer Cook and together they have six children, two of whom are gay. Bryce graduated from BYU with a degree in finance and from ASU with an MBA. He is an economic consultant at a firm he recently founded.

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