In The Den with Mama Dragons

Ring Theory and Finding Parental Support

January 30, 2023 Episode 5
In The Den with Mama Dragons
Ring Theory and Finding Parental Support
Show Notes

In this episode of In the Den, Mama Dragons Executive Director Celeste Carolin joins Jen to talk about finding and utilizing the available tools that can help make processing your child’s coming out journey a little easier. From appropriate ways of processing your own grief to finding answers to your questions without placing undue burden on your child, Jen and Celeste explore ways to help parents address their own emotional needs in healthy ways, so that they, in turn, are able to fully support their LGBTQ children in meaningful ways. 

Special Guest: Celeste Carolin

Celeste Carolin studied business at Harvard Extension School and is currently earning a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from NCU. As a queer (lesbian) cisgender woman, she has worked with LGBTQ youth and non-profits for the past 10 years. Celeste has served in Mama Dragons Leadership since 2016 and currently serves as the Mama Dragons Executive Director. She lives just outside Seattle with her lovely partner Jamie, extended family, grand kiddos, and their pup Jackson Blue. Both Celeste and her partner come from non accepting religious roots, which fuels Celeste's passion for understanding and serving the intersectionality of faith and parenting LGBTQ children. 

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