In The Den with Mama Dragons

Navigating Important Family Events

February 27, 2023 Episode 9
In The Den with Mama Dragons
Navigating Important Family Events
Show Notes

Nothing has the potential to create beautiful memories or deeply hurt feelings quite like family gatherings. Family is central for many of us, but having and supporting an LGBTQ child may open your family up to situations of conflict and discomfort when it comes to family interactions. In this episode of In the Den, Jen talks with therapist Laura Skaggs about possible scenarios that may be encountered, and healthy strategies to navigate interactions and events with family that will help ensure inclusion and support for your LGBTQ child. 

Special Guest: Laura Skaggs

Laura Skaggs is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in treating spiritual trauma at the intersection of LGBTQ+ experiences and religion. Laura earned her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at San Diego State University with an emphasis in LGBTQ+ mental health within conservative religious social contexts. She went on to serve for two years on the board of directors of Affirmation: LGBT+ Mormons, Families, and Friends with a focus on responding to spiritual trauma and suicide prevention. Laura is also the co-creator of CWEERS Empowerment groups: a practice designed to help LGBTQ+ individuals and their supporters confront social discrimination and internalized stigma. Laura is the mother of two daughters and presently sees clients full time in Provo, UT, as part of Flourish Therapy.

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