In The Den with Mama Dragons

Changing Labels

March 20, 2023 Episode 12
In The Den with Mama Dragons
Changing Labels
Show Notes

It can be a confusing and even frustrating experience for parents when their LGBTQ child changes how they label their identity. It’s important to understand that it is very common for LGBTQ young people to find a label for themselves and to later change that label to something else down the road. What does label changing mean, and how can we fully support our children when we don’t understand certain labels? Does changing labels mean that it’s all really just a phase? In this week’s episode of In the Den, Jen talks with Elizabeth Johnson about the importance and usefulness of labels within the LGBTQ spectrum of experience and why those labels might change along the way.  

Special Guest: Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson is a widowed mom of four adult children (three of whom are bisexual), a transgender son-in-law, a non-binary "bonus kiddo,"  and one grandson. She has been active with Mama Dragons since 2020 as a member of the marketing team, and was part of the education team that developed the first Parachute course, Intro to Understanding Your LGBTQ Child. She lives in Michigan where she is active in choir, community theater, and her local Optimist Club. 

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