In The Den with Mama Dragons

The Intersection of Allyship and Faith

March 27, 2023 Episode 13
In The Den with Mama Dragons
The Intersection of Allyship and Faith
Show Notes

Many religious spaces can be fraught for LGBTQ people of faith and those who love them. Scripture and theology are all too often used to harm instead of heal, especially when it comes to our queer congregants. Pastor Stan Mitchell sits down with Jen to talk about how religious theology has hurt and wounded the LGBTQ community, and how we can lean on and expand our faith to find peace, hope, and healing amid a sometimes tumultuous spiritual journey of love and acceptance of our LGBTQ children and ourselves. 

Special Guest: Stan Mitchell

Stan Mitchell is the Founding Pastor/Pastor Emeritus of GracePointe Church in Nashville, Tennessee, having served as its Lead Pastor from 2003 through 2019. In 2015, GP made the move to the full affirmation and celebration of LGBTQ+ people. Prior to this he was the Teaching Pastor at Christ Church also in Nashville, Tennessee. He spends his vocational time now as a speaker, LGBTQ+ advocate/pastor, and consultant within the Progressive Christian movement.  

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