In The Den with Mama Dragons

Parenting Your Queer Children

April 17, 2023 Episode 16
In The Den with Mama Dragons
Parenting Your Queer Children
Show Notes

In this week’s episode of In the Den, Jen visits with Denver-based therapist Cole Brennen about his experiences coming out as trans himself 25 years ago, changes in society’s perceptions of trans people over that time, and what parents can do to support and nurture their queer children today. 

Special Guest: Cole Brennen

Cole Brennan is a queer and transgender mental health therapist, owner of HeartMind Therapy in Denver, former bike mechanic and youth outdoor educator, and lover of nature, adventures, and above all, people. Cole works primarily with LGBTQ+ identified youth and adults, and has a passion for helping his clients find their innate love and joy for themselves, their many identities, and the world around them. Cole lives in Denver, Colorado with his partner, two young children, and two equally young pups. 

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